Loft Bed Switch 2021 Revel


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Anyone who has the revel has the key to turn on to lower or raise the bed. This seems like an unnecessary need for this key. The key looks like it will break if dropped it's so small.
I was checking out a googletube video from another owner and he mentions this as well, suggesting he was going to swap the switch for a push-button type.
This lit the fire up my @$$ so I ordered this momentary switch from Amazon. $7 and 2 days later a switch arrived.
I pulled the panel, unplugged the wires that go for the motor, (if you do this be sure to do something so the wire doesn't fall back into never-never land) and brought the panel to my garage.
I removed the original key switch and cut the wires. The panel holes had 2 flat sides to keep the switch from rotating, the new switch did not have flats.
Luckily I had my cordless dremel charged and the perfect drum sander bit. 2-3 minutes and with both flats gone the new switch fit perfectly. Stripped the insulation off the end of the wires and screwed them to the terminals. Roughly 20 minutes start to finish. IMO This switch even looks like a more precision switch than the original.



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You may find a regulation specified it had to be a key switch to prevent small children inadvertently operating the bed. A bit like window lift switches now cannot be pushed down to raise the window, they have to be lifted up with a finger in a deliberate action.



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Come on really? Oh shit I hope they don't come and impound my rig.

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