Total loss of electric power 2004 316


Hi gang, I’m in need of help. I haven’t been using my sprinter much lately so the battery drains etc. Anyway I was driving on Christmas Day and when I went to turn and put on my blinker the motor faltered feeling like an Auto kicking down a gear it did the same thing twice more over the next 10 klms until as I turned into my driveway this time I was going slow and the engine died completely.
I had lights for my odometer but no dash lights came on when I turn the key. I have been trying ever since to get it running, I knew there was a security system installed by a previous owner but I had no key or remote for it, whenever I turned the key it would start clicking so thinking that was at fault I have very carefully disconnected all the wires going to it and reconnected all the junctions where they had spliced in. Still no power to dash or starter. I then suspected a dead battery so I have replaced the battery the first time I turned the key I had odometer lights come on then the dash lights came on then everything went dead again now I get nothing at all when I turn the key, zip nothing , narda. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is it the ECU or is there a fuse that I’m missing somewhere.
Brains trust I need help.


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Hi Brushtail :)
Bad luck with your Sprinter. But they have a sophisticated electrical system with relays to switch on the circuits as necessary and lots of fuses, so just guessing is a bit hopeless really. I could guess sitting at my keyboard that it could be the main relay, but really that is just a guess. It needs carefully checking the circuits and fuses with a meter to see what is working and not. Sorry :nonono:
Your description of the problem sounds like a low voltage causing the problem. Is the alternator charging OK. Or a poor connection ?


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The symptoms indicate a dead battery in my opinion.
As you've already replaced the battery, 17 year old wiring to the battery and starter motor may need replacing.
With an extra hand, I would be checking the voltage drops at all ends of the main power cables while the extra hand turns the ignition key to the cranking position.

Is there a second aux battery under the passenger seat?
If so, it could be draining a lot of power from the main battery, if the second battery is dead.


Success at last 👍🏻😃🚐 As I had already checked and cleaned the battery cables I went back to the main fuse panel this morning and removed it again. This time I used some fine sand paper to clean all the multi pin contacts that the panel plugs into. I then had power and instantly started. I’m usually very good at fault finding but this electrical problem was starting to get the better of me, and as a bonus I have now successfully removed the old security system as well. 👍🏻😃🚐

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