NCV3: 2006-2018 wanted......4x4 Lowroof 144" van,


03 Freightliner 2500
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wanted......4x4 Lowroof 144" van, no color camper conversions, cargo or passenger ok...thank you

Tom Tint

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care to elaborate on why you hate it?
Fit and finish is 3 steps below a KIA
Electronics are poorly thought out and clunky to operate.. Not really apparent until a few hours behind the wheel.
Squeaks, rattles, ticking from everything including the engine
Rear end clunks like its going to fall out
Cup holders are a joke
Radio is worse than my 1982 Pioneer super tuner
Lane keep assist is beyond annoying ...and can't be permanently shut off.
No floor only option for heat...If your feet are have to manually shut all upper vents or take the heat in the face to get your feet warm.
Really dislike the gimmicky PRND thing on the column . Push for park etc. Going from multiple different vehicles that all have the same basic standard shift mechanism ..Then getting into the Sprinter is always an adjustment. Actually got in my F350 and at the fuel pump..Pushed the little button the column shifter thinking I put it in park..and instead just put in in trailer tow mode. ..Took my foot off the brake and it began to roll. ..I caught it immediately but muscle memory is a real thing.. The MB electric shifter is just another gimmick.
5K tow rating.... I think a 2WD Rav4 tows more....
Temp and fan controls are so low in the dash, and so far out of reach they are a nuisance
....Maybe I'm expecting too much from a 62K van....
..Theres more..something new almost every day. I was willing to take a 7K hit to get rid of it with 3K on it...Dealer wanted to give me 10K less than I paid..So its obvious these things are not that hot as some dealers will tell you.
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