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No because both my Tech Mel and Linden Management opted to drop charges by advice of legal council .
My Workman's comp insurance and shop liability insurance picked up the slack and ran with it against our Mr Molehusband
Obviously if he had killed Mel it would be different.

The issue was that he eventually got stopped south of Pueblo but denied all knowledge of it and being at my shop! It might have been different if I had the security camera system operational at the time! This incidence and police interaction prompted me to install a security system. Its been invaluable ever since.

One thing to note though!
Colorado State law on something like this which we discovered post incident.
Skipping out and not paying your mechanic's bill even if you have a signed R/O is a civil matter in Colorado even if you do property damage during the fleeing process. The only criminal bit is if you do breaking and entering a premises.

Try doing that with hotel lodgings or foods service and its a criminal offense . Warnings are posted on all Colorado hotel/motel rooms. Obviously then Colorado deems skipping out on lodging much more seriously than ripping off and doing a runner with bone fide auto repair shops.
Now over the state line in Utah its a different kettle of fish all together
My next door neighbor had a used car lot which went belly up. Lot is still there but he has long gone, fled to Florida.
He apparently bought a car at auction in California, and it broke down in Salt Lake City.
A dealer repair shop fixed it, but he then went to their shop in the dead of night cut down the dealer fence and fled with his car. He got as far as Green River where he was pounced upon by the "old bill" and spent a month in jail.
Silly boy!

So it comes back to my series of posts.
Qualify the customer before signing a repair contract and do your best to avoid these sorts of things. Its better and safer for all parties involved.:thumbup:
Nowadays we never hand over keys until the bill is satisfied and we implemented lots of other precautions/policies which are followed as part of shop day to day practice all listed in the employee hand book.

Graphite Dave

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One advantage of using a dealer instead of an independent is the brand does check if the work was done to your satisfaction.


My 2015 Transit had a manufacturing defect where the right front wheel could not be adjusted into alignment with the available slots. 2015 was the first year of production so Ford was still learning. The price you pay for buying vehicle in the first year of production.

Noticed the tracking problem early but did not take it in until after I had added part of the conversion. Ford dealer could not get right front into alignment. They had the Ford district engineer look at it. His comment was the conversion weight was the problem or the rear sway bar that I had added was causing the miss alignment. Van was not fixed. I was a unhappy customer.

I received a email from Ford asking how satisfied I was with the service visit. I vented my frustration strongly in my reply. Then got a call from the Ford dealer asking for more information because they were being pressured by Ford due to my reply. Next I was talking to the dealer Service Manager who started with Ford as an alignment technician. Brought it back in and he confirmed that it could not be properly aligned. He also agreed that the conversion weight or rear sway bar had nothing to do with the issue. He proceeded to increase the adjustment slot length on the sub frame and relocated the top of the McPherson strut. Fixed the problem.

So there is one more tool available when getting work done by a dealer that is not available with an independent. The other lesson is do not buy an early production vehicle. I am sure Ford changed their design to eliminate the issue on later production.


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I much prefer Independent shops as they typically bill by the hour so you get what you pay for. Most dealerships work on flat rate and their mechanics are heavily rewarded for part swapping and rushing the work. If they can work 8 hours and bill out 12, both they and the dealership benefit, at the expense of the customer. We once marked a bunch of inspection items with white chalk. It went in to the Dodge dealer for a 30,000 maintenance. After it was done, I brought the service writer out, explained what I'd done, and opened the hood, pointing out all the places they were to have inspected items that hadn't been touched. And instead of saying "Oops our bad" he tried to talk his way out of it!

Great to know about this shop as my daughter is headed for college in Colorado Springs next year and I may drive her stuff out.

My maintenance strategies were shaped by having a heavy Armored Cavalry platoon: nine vehicles including four diesel* M60A3 tanks. If a tank broke in the field, it was a collosal PITA! Due to ammo and classified stuff, the crew had to stay with it. Parts, mechanics and equipment had to be brought to the tank, which could be miles off road. We were in Germany, cold and wet. If you lost a track, it weighed over a ton and you might need help recovering it. The tank retrievers had 120 ton winches and there were times when we needed two of them to pull out a stuck tank!

So I got in the habit of preventative inspection and maintenance. When I got out of the Army, I started telling mechanics, "Look for anything you think will break in the next 10,000 miles, and replace it." At first they were deeply skeptical, because so many customers whine and moan about every dollar on the repair bill. After I started complaining when they didn't fix stuff (like replacing one front wheel bearing at 120,000 miles: "replace both!") they bought in. The result is that we have a perfectly reliable car with 234,000 miles on it. The Sprinter has only 146,000.

* M60's had a Continental 1,790 cu in twin turbocharged V12 air/oil cooled diesel. M113A1's had a Detroit Diesel water-cooled turbochaarged V6 318 cu in
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No because both my Tech Mel and Linden Management opted to drop charges by advice of legal council .
My Workman's comp insurance and shop liability insurance picked up the slack and ran with it against our Mr Molehusband
Obviously if he had killed Mel it would be different.//
This is a very depressing event. How can people be so venal?


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Well its a bit more than that.
As I have outlined this auto business is more statistic minded than many would like but it is useful in many ways..

At manufacturing level and product release the manufacturer is always interested in fault stats.
Simply put no matter how much pre-prod testing & proving is done, the product really gets it faults and defects showing up in service with the general public.

The systems works across the board with some brand systems own variations but generally any service faults that are reported by the dealer chains and resolved /left unresolved are collated and issued to engineering as PR's --Problem reports.
Each product line/sub subsystem has an engineering team,that sits regularly to go over PR's/warranties coming in from dealers & big fleet operators who liaise with Factory Zone Reps.

Once enough input stats are inputted then a fix is produced by engineering called an ASI,
Advanced Service Information is released and its generally confidential for dealer eyes ONLY.

Once enough fixes come in as successful a SB (service bulletin) or factory line build modification is done. Problem solved.
Information is released to the trade through specialist trade publications which we independents have to pay for . Linden pays for two such systems each is $35 /.month.
Obviously some Independents don't subscribe to such system so they work blind missing a vital step in repairs & updates.
Essentially dealers play a vital role in product support during the warranty period.
If there is a breakdown it human. All dealers are not created equal.
Believe me if factories could do away with dealers they would, ,but they can't. its a vital leg they stand on.


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This is a very depressing event. How can people be so venal?
In this case being regarded as a civil matter I was forced to consult with an injury firm law office attorney.
Now the USA is an incredibly stat minded country. Stats run everything and decisions are made on stats. I thought I was bad enough and the butt of back office jokes on stats, but businesses, the successful ones run of stats, credit FICO reports are one of the most prominent as you folks know.

Attorneys use Lexus Nexus systems to check out potential litigant targets.
Our My Molehusband was up to his eyeballs in debt and facing foreclosure with numerous judgments . The chances of obtaining any recompense was doubtful. So the potential line of ligation was dropped. You can't get blood from a stone . We ate the bill
As for Mel
Well Colorado Workman's Comp is a no fault system. So it paid out no matter what and luckily since we have so few injuries (hopes to God for good deliverance ) the premiums were hardly affected.

Lets face it people do some crazy things when money troubles consume your every thought.
After all you read of people killing their spouses and their kids for the insurance money.
Wicked really and over money as well!!
I believe anyway that Kharma plays a big role.

Digressing a bit but following the life of King John, (1166 to 1216) of Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin Hood Hollywood film fable.
He was such a money grabbing bastard he killed people for their wealth and lands.
He even denied alimony to his widowed brother Richard Lion Heart's wife the dowager queen. The Pope had to intervene with the aid of his own mother .
He give us the Magna Carta now morphed in the the Bill of Rights on these shores. He was forced to sign that document at sword point or die on an island in the Thames near London.
Having signed it, full of rage & revenge he went on a nationwide vendetta to get even.
All sounds so 21st century to me!
In East Anglia in`1216 with all his ill gotten loot in a baggage train, ignoring the Fenland's soft salt marshes he lost it all. Sunk without trace. Then having forced himself for food lodging hospitality at a monastery near Kings Lynn it is said that the monks poisoned the evil bastard. Mortally sick he was transported to Newark and died several days later in Newark Castle.
Kharma played its part! Good riddance!
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I would like to report a good experience with LinDen Engineering. At that tail end of a 5000 mile road trip I overheated my van (mostly due to negligence) and blew the head gasket. Luckily it happened near Golden and I was able to take the van to LinDen. Despite being very busy, when I arrived a tech dropped what he was doing to take a quick look at my van. The van had some deeper issues so we drove home in a rental car and left the van at LinDen. They did a full inspection about a week later (exactly when they said they would) and their communication was spot on. I do not get the impression it is cost effective for them to tinker so their only recommendation was a new engine. I agree with the assessment but declined because I can't afford it right now. They kept the van safe until my shipper arrived and insured he got the van loaded up. Thanks LinDen!


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While looking at the poll results I noticed the only “poor” came from member ”Hosh”, but I don’t see a post by him in this thread to substantiate his claim. I recognized his name because he’s the same argumentative poster that when his back was to the wall in a discussion with me attempted to squirm out by saying “can I have my hook line and sinker back?”. Cute, but the need to win has low self esteem written all over it

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