Massapequa, Amityville, NY (Dealership)


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They are still a bunch of Idiots and thieves...

The SRS light came on
I only went to them ... AGAIN...., thinking it would be covered, I have MB extended warranty.
I go to TLC for everything NOT warranty

MB said ,....2 sensors were bad, (one for thorax air bag, and one for the seat belt buckle)
.... They wanted $700 to put in new ones, and its not covered by the extended warranty

I refused.... Just give me back my Sprinter. and told them , there was no problem, that the SRS light was caused buy the battery surge when I replaced the battery separator the night before .....just before the SRS light came on. (lots of threads here about disconnecting the battery and SRS warning lights)....

my Sprinters SRS light has not come back on since
(if something WAS TRUELY wrong with anything , the SRS light would have came right back on, )

P.S. .... The service manager asked/told me .... NOT to mention them trying to FUK ME, in the online customer satisfaction survey, that MB sends out
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More BS from them. At 40,000 miles they replaced my transmission under warranty. Now 16,000 miles later(18months later)I brought it in to them, my warranty was expiring in 2 days, and I thought there was a tranny problem again. They checked it and said it was a leak in the DPF,which, is causing the power loss I am feeling, but is still covered under warranty ... BUT there is a bracket AND clamp that holds it up thats missing, and that wont be covered. (I look under the Sprinter and saw.....the bracket they were refering to HAD to be discontected when they replaced the tranny) Anyhow, it was over a week before I got my Sprinter back, and now my warranty is up. When I picked it up... driving home , I get a CEL, and go back to them. They hook it up to the computer and say its the nox sensor next to the DPF . and said SORRY CANT HELP YOU NOW... YOUR WARRANTY IS UP!!!
I asked for the manger and the service rep said he would not see me to talk about it, and to call MB , if I had a problem
I called the main MB USA customer service. The operator took a statement from me and said a claims representative would call me back within 24 hrs. The claims rep called me and without even asking me any questions , (just based on my statement (and his calling the dealership) he said MB WILL FIX THE NEW PROBLEM found, UNDER WARRANTY and said SORRY that the dealership gave me a hard time

PS ONLY REASON to go to this dealership is for warranty work. ALL my non warranty work is done down the block at TLC:thumbup:

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