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2007 144" High Roof 2500
The cylindrical lock on my glove box failed a while back, wasn't an issue until I needed something out of it. I was able to remove the light gray plastic latch itself which is connected to the larger glove box with two t20 screws (part 510), and am able to manually pinch in the black pieces inside to get the glove box to latch and unlatch. The part which failed was a small black piece of plastic that snaps into the back of the lock cylinder.

It is a bit unsightly, so I'm weighing my options:

* If I get another part 510 / latch can I just install it and not bother with the lock and it should work?

* If not, just get a used glove box unit from ebay at some point for ~$70 and reinstall it while swapping out my cylinder lock?

Low priority, so I figure I'd see if anyone had dealt with anything similar and either just order the latch from a shop or wait around for a glove box to swap out at some point in the future.

I can obviously take more photos / give more details if helpful. :)


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2007 144" High Roof 2500
Bump, guess I should have used a better title on this but my editing grace period has expired and I was in a bit of a hurry at the time.


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Not really, however the light insight my glove box is perpetually on and no amount of adjustment will get the push button switch to cut the light while the box is closed. Very annoying...


2007 144" High Roof 2500
The 2007 manual floating around gives the steps to remove the glove box / replace the light up top... if nothing else you could check connectors there, replace the bulb, or just leave it out assuming the latter doesn't throw a canbus error.

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