Dominion, Salem, Virginia (Service)


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06 T1N Can

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Dominion Service & Parts (formerly Dominion Dodge)
1259 E. Main St.
Salem, Va. 24153

540-302-0017 fax

Sprinter dealer since 2003
certified Sprinter tech on staff
located off Interstate 81 southwestern Virginia. exit 141
Mon thru Fri 7am to 5pm


New member
No longer in existence. The shop moved to Bedford and doesn't service Sprinter anymore. I e-mailed them asking and got this reply:

"It's been 10 years since Dodge sold Sprinter vans so anything newer than that would have to go a Mercedes dealer who sells Sprinter. Berglund in Roanoke does.

If you have a van older than a 2009 model, our former Sprinter tech now works for Harvey's in Radford. His name is John Lineberry and he may be
willing to help you with the permission of his service department. But he certainly won't have any special Sprinter tools

Hope this helps.

Bob Kaplan"

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