Lithionics Lithium Battery Drop In & Upgrade To Full Coach Operation!


2014 LTV Unity Murphy Bed
If you are doing this project with dual Lithionics 125ah batteries (12V125A-G31-5CND), remember you'll be wiring your new Lithionics 12v (125ah) Lithium batteries in parallel. The Standard Leisure lead acid batteries are 6v and must be wired in series to make 12v. So be aware of this difference and make sure you wire the Lithionics 12v Lithium batteries together correctly, in parallel. You can use the original 2/0 AWG battery cables from the Leisure coach and additional 2/0 AWG Battery cables (must be equal in length for the best battery balancing) for connecting the batteries together using the Diagonal Takeoff Method. Then you make your 4/0 AWG Inverter cable connections to the battery by stacking the lugs on the Positive and Negative battery Diagonal Takeoff terminals as shown. You can also use the Battery to Busbar" method as described above in post #103 for the connections to the Diagonal Takeoffs.
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2014 LTV Unity Murphy Bed
I disconnected my Magnum MM612 Inverter, returned the circuit to 120vAC wiring back to the circuit breaker in my WFCO8955 power distribution panel/breaker box, and added an additional outlet on that circuit. First you need to start with the Leisure breaker box wiring diagram. I didn't get one in my request to Leisure so I modified one from another year to reflect my 2014 breaker box and inverter wiring. As you can see you simply remove the inverter and join all the wires together again to return the circuit to a normal 15a 120vac circuit. For my modification I decided to add another outlet in the bathroom, which was very easy.
First you need to remove the drawers by pushing the little black tabs on the side in the drawer glide. Once the drawers are removed you need to remove the cross bar so you can get inside to disconnect and remove the Magnum inverter. You do that by removing the Countersunk screws on each end and then twist the cross bar out from two staples. Then carefully pull the staples from the wood.
Now you have to disconnect the 120vAC wires, 12vdc battery wires, Magnum Remote phone cord, case ground and 4 inverter mounting screws. It's pretty straightforward.
Once the inverter was removed, I used a standard electrical box to mount on the inverter stand and pulled the inverter 120vAC wire into it and my new outlet 14/2 awg with ground wire into it. I used wire nuts to attach all the black wires, white wires, and ground wire together. Then I wrapped them with electrical tape, which is required for RV installations, since there is a risk that all the motion this vehicle encounters could jar wire nuts alone loose. Then I put a plain cover plate over the box to seal it off.
Then I mounted a new electrical box in the location I wanted the new outlet. I wired in the new outlet and reinstalled my wood sheet and put the cover Plate on. Turned out very nice. On to wiring in the Xantrex 3000w Inverter to the breaker box. Before you ask, yes I did install an additional furnace vent on this panel. I did it sometime ago because my dogs sleep next to the other one and it's to hot for them, so I added a vent cover that can be throttled/completely closed to my existing vent and then I added this one, forward of where they sleep. I just T'd off a leg to make the new vent. I also added lots of Reflectix installation on the wall and floor to try and reduce heat/cold infiltration. It certainly works.

BTW, don't forget to remove the Magnum remote and blank off it's opening in the over door utility panel. Anyone interested in my Magnum MM612 with remote start a conversation with me.
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