2021 Revel Heater reset FYI


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We have a revel we picked up 2 or 3 months ago. The heater took a bit of fussing and learning for me to understand the proper operation. Sometimes I only used it to heat up the water for after surfing hot water showers.

Last weekend we were just hanging out at the beach and the heater would not turn on in any combo.
This morning I called Elwell and was able to speak with someone directly. Nice to be able to reach a live person IMO.
The gentleman I spoke with was very helpful and mentioned some of these had needed to be reset. I relayed all the revision info from the screen and confirmed all current no updates available. I also learned if there is a code it would be displayed on one or more screens. Code 13 means you tried to run it with the fuel too low. (out of fuel no flame duh)

I did not see any options to 'reset' in any screens. Apparently, the reset is obviously just pulling a fuse. I removed the bottom 10 amp in the fuse panel on the side of the bench seat. Very nice panel btw in that it lights up a red LED next to the fuse when removed. Nice touch IMO.

This power cycle did the trick.

Hope this helps someone out on the road.


2021 2500 Sprinter 170, 4 cyl gas
I have found that if you have a problem with anything that has a microprocessor control (which is just about everything these days), always cycle the power first. Has got me going several times.

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