Adding a simple bathroom / water system to 2019 4x4 passenger

We're building out our van as a weekender. Given the lack of public bathrooms in many parks since March, we decided to fit a small stall for a cassette toilet in the back of the van. Here's a basic overview.

20 gallon fresh water tank -
6 gallon gray water tank -
pump/ accumulator
outlets for sink (yet to be installed) and rear hose / hot water heater/shower
Thetford cassette toilet -

I built a two level stall out of 1/2" plywood which is secured to the floor and wall using the cargo points and metal bracing along one attachment point in the roof. I am going to add more points to the roof in the spring when the weather is warmer. The bottom level is 12" high which fits two water tanks and the plumbing (pump, accumulator, shut-offs, splitters, etc...) The sink will be mounted on the front of the stall (above the fridge) with only a cold water tap. The cassette can be removed from the back of the van very easily as needed. I put in a sliding panel of opaque acrylic for a bit of privacy. At 6' tall, I can wedge myself in there to sit on the toilet. It's a bit like a toilet on a small boat when they are put under the steering console, etc... so mostly for, er, liquid vs. sold waste but either can be cleanly accomplished in there.

Photo 1- initial install of rear panel with cassette door. This was changed a bit for the final design
Photo 2- rear shot of stall with heater, cassette door and filler (top white hatch under heater), water/plumbing below. There is a plywood panel over this lower section obviously.
Photo 3 - partial plumbing system close-up. You can see the fresh water inlet and tap on the right side along with various filters, shut-offs, etc...
Photo 4 - view towards front of van. The sink will go on the front side of the stall.
Photo 5 - view of the Thetford unit, sliding panel not visible.

This has been great for our family of four on road trips this summer/fall without taking a huge hit to the cargo space. A full grown adult (myself) can comfortably sleep in the remaining space behind the rear row of seats or we can fit 3 adult and one kid bike in there, etc... A small propane tank can be used to run the water heater with an adaptor.


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