Portland, OR Build Space


'20 2500 144 4x4 in Pebble Grey
I have a new ‘20 2500 144 4x4 HR that I am going to start to build-out (slow-roll!). Not surprisingly, my new van will not fit in my old NE PDX garage. Given the number of PDX DIYers in this forum, I thought I would reach-out to see if anyone has any leads or recommendations of builder-space in/around the greater Portland area?

To a greater or lesser degree, most storage places frown-on working on your van in storage unit. I am aware of the ManCaves of Vancouver, so that is an option but i wanted to see if there is something a bit closer to home.

Assuming my problem isn’t unique, and if there is enough interest, i may look to lease one of the many industrial warehouse spaces that seem to be available in close-in NE/SE Portland. We could share build space and, depending on how it goes, turn it into something of a Sprinter clubhouse/build space/storage space around which we could develop an enthusiast community. Anyway, just an idea (my CFO may question whether it is a good idea...).

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