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I have only had one non oem alarm installed in my vehicles over the years. So I know next to nothing about good alarms.

I would appreciate any information regarding manufacturers of alarms.

Here’s what I have: 2020 3500 RWD 170” Extended 3.0 diesel. No glass except for the cabin.

Here’s what I desire: Shock sensor, intrusion sensor, auto-arm (for when I forget), DIY capable install, plug and play preferred, integral to two button oem fob preferred

I’m also thinking about auxiliary mechanical locks as a deterrent to the cargo area. I will be hauling $1000’s of tools every day. I need to keep them as safe as possible.



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MidCityEngineering responded to my request for info with two options for alarm only, no remote start, etc., for a 2019 (likely the same for installation).

Thank you for reaching out to us. In regards to your 2019 Sprinter and adding an alarm, there are two options that we have available. Please see the links below for the information. (this is our 907INT-C alarm interface and the Compustar FT-7300 alarm) (this is our 907INT-C alarm interface, Compustar FT-7000 alarm and Compustar Drone smartphone module)

These two options will allow you add alarm only to you vehicle. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Fit a Clifford 330x3
Add these sensors
Dual proximity (chirps when someone tries to get close to the van)
Tilt & motion sensor
Glass break sensor
Microwave sensor for the rear

Mostly plug and play.

For locks there is only one solution it’s these for the rear and sliding door.

For the cabin doors it’s these

Protect the factory locks with these.


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I’ve also got a canbus immobiliser that requires a code to activate the ignition through the buttons on your steering wheel.



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By all means and some proper deadlocks, but there's little point wasting your money protecting the factory locks.


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That ArmorShell looks really nice. Most of the locks I have seen look like add-ons with the lock showing. This kinda looks 'factory.'

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