Flatline Low Pro Roof Rack blended with a F65s Eagle Fiamma Awning


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What order do you need to install the various components? Can I fully install the awning first and then ad the rack later?


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You need to plan out how you are going to mount the roof rack to the awning mount before you install the awning mount and glue it down. My recommendation would be to mount the factory OEM roof rack that you take off the passenger side roof and mount it to the backside of the fiamma awning mount. Then you can later mount the Flatline LowPro Roof rack or custom rack such as gltrimble discussed.


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I finally got my van and did install the LowPro Roof rack with a Fiamma F65 Eagle awning. I did not use the 'awning kit' from Flatline, only their roof rack. When finished, the result is very strong and looks good, but it was a genuine PITA to install. The passenger side oem roof rail has to be removed for the full length Fiamma adapter to fit into the oem rail slot. The awning adapter needs to be fully embedded in sealant/adhesive in the slot, so you won't want to have to remove it later, for say, installing rivnuts (as I did), to mount the Lowpro roof rack to the back side of the awning adapter. You will have to mount the Lowpro passenger side rail pieces in reverse for all of this to work. When reversed, the angle of the roof rack and the awning adapter are exactly the same, and you will need a 1/2" spacer (I used seven), to fit between the rack rails and the backside of the awning adapter. I dry mounted the awning adapter, located and drilled the holes through the Lowpro rails, awning adapter & spacers. I then removed the awning adapter & installed 1/4" rivnuts into the awning adapter. Using adhesive, I then mounted the awning adapter into it's final position.

The big problem is that after you have the awning in place, and you install the roof rack, you cannot then move the horizontal rails of the Lowpro roof rack, because you will not be able to access the passenger side horizontal rail screws, as they are not accessible. I did go ahead and mount the reversed feet of the Lowpro rack through the roof, using backers and sealant. All is extremely sturdy, but the future adjustment of the horizontal roof rails would be extremely time consuming and difficult. That won't be a problem for me, as since I have no more room on the roof anyway.

Here are a couple of pictures - sorry for the poor quality and lighting.



Anyone have any info on trying this awning on a Backwoods XL rack? I am thinking it would need "wall" mounts, and this doesn't seem to fit the bill. Input welcome as I am up in the air on awnings...only thing I know is I want one...prefer w/o legs (kids, and I can just see what happens next). Thanks


2021 2500 Sprinter 170, 4 cyl gas
I just finished the roof part of my build and took the van out in the rain to check for leaks. If installed correctly, no water will run behind the awning & drip over the sliding door area - only windblown water coming in from the sides.

As far as windy conditions, I can't help you too much, except that the awning has a built in 'seismic detector' that will retract the awning if the wind gets too rowdy. And I am pretty sure that the sensor is adjustable for sensitivity. I don't think, though, that I'll leave the awning out if I am not around to check on it if the wind comes up. Overall, at this point I am rather impressed with the awning, particularly the great look.



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Looks amazing! Exciting to hear that the rain stays away. Will be nice to keep the sliding door open and awning deployed during bad weather if needed.

Whose solar panel is that? Looks like a perfect fit.


2021 2500 Sprinter 170, 4 cyl gas
Thanks. That is a Solaria 400w panel. I had to make some adjustments for it to fit between the side rails.

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