Tap into vehicle cams to record?


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I’m curious if there’s a way to tap into the feed from the existing 360 vehicle cams to record? I’m pretty sure the module all the cameras connect to is under the driver’s seat.

Has anyone done this yet? Seems like a much better solution than getting a dash cam.

Thank you!!!


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I have not hear of any way to do this.

Someone last year in Europe saw a menu item in their MBUX to purchase recording functionality...but it disappeared after a needed software update. Looks like Mercedes is thinking about such a solution, but nothing currently available. Would make sense to use the existing cameras to record and give a way to save and download the video when needed.


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No go.
Been trying that on MB and Ford truck for 4 years and nobody made hack.
Even overriding speed sensor who shuts the camera off above 8 mph is not possible.

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