NCV3: 2006-2018 2018 Sprinter 4x4, Custom Camper for a family of 4, Canadian Van in Europe on a world tour.


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Europe & Canada (Currently in Europe travelling, heading back to Canada Summer of 2021)
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We are a Canadian Family of 4 travelling across Canada, Europe, Africa and beyond. We left home 2019 after we build out home on wheels, Sprinter 4x4, named YOLO. We are planning to return home summer of 2021, in time for kids school. Because of that, our van is for sale. Please read below for details. thanks.

For Sale:
Our trusty 2018 Sprinter 4x4, Custom Conversion that accommodates a family of 4 is for sale. The van is registered in Vancouver, Canada. We have owned it since new. We ordered the van straight from MB Canada with custom options, just for us. As soon as we received it, we fitted the van with custom features to live a family of 4 full time comfortably. It is designed for off grid living and extended travel across long distances.

Special Offer:
Have you dreamed of long term travel in Europe with your very own 4x4 camper? We have an offer for you. The van is currently in Europe. We are currently travelling across Europe with our van. We can arrange for pickup anywhere in Europe and help you start your Europe van life tour. No need to worry about shipment, transport and paperwork. You can start your Europe Vanlife tour with this van.
Alternately, we plan to be back home (Vancouver, Canada) this coming summer, 2021. We can arrange for viewing and/or sale anywhere in Europe, Canada and USA, on our way home. Timeline is flexible.

The links below are videos explaining our situation and van tours showing our home on wheels.

The link below details out the specifications of the van.

If you want to see more pictures, click the link below for more pictures.

To view the van, and all its options inside, we can arrange a video call if needed and discuss. You can look us up on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, "YOLO Family Vanlife". Subscribe if you want to follow our adventures.

The asking price of the van is $155,000 Canadian dollars. The price includes all accessories with the van. Everything you need to start your trip. Nothing is needed except your personal belongings.

Since we are still on the road travelling, it is best to reach us by: Instagram, YouTube and/or FB Messenger under 'YOLO Family Vanlife'. If you are interested in our adventure and like to follow us, please subscribe or like our post and videos.

Thank you in advance.


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omg! Just discovered your channel last week actually, what a coincidence to be seeing this post! Sorry to be seeing that the van adventures are coming to an end! I wish I had the funds for a van like this - so intentionally built, functional, and beautiful.
Best of luck on the sale!

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