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Message for all of the Sprinter Forum folks. VERY SAD NEWS.

I just received word that the Old Crow had a fatal heart attack Saturday evening. According Mrs. "Crow", the death was practically instantaneous. Jim's knowledge on just about everything will certainly be missed.

We have been exchanging emails ever since he started helping me with my new RV in 2014.

Even though we never met, losing the Old Crow is like losing a family member.

Please spread the word.

The original mode was for OkieNAZ to post in multiple threads. That creates problems with members wanting to leave condolences. Please respond to this thread only. (The other multitude of posts will be deleted.) Eventually this thread will be moved to Off Topic.

My condolences to the Old Crows family and friends. He was a great contributor who will be missed.

I am sorry to read this news. He was discussing Shocks in the Winnebago thread last week. He added a lot to my understanding of WGO Views, he will be missed.


A Fistful of Dollars
That is very sad news. We always enjoyed reading his amusing witty posts since joining these forums just a short two years ago. :(

Mike DZ

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Yes, very sad. His wit and wisdom he showed in these forum will be missed. My condolences to his family and non-sprinter friends.

Aqua Puttana

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With corralling the original multiple posts regarding Old Crows Jim's passing, some condolence replies got deleted.

I've tried to compile them.

I'll start with Old Crows' last post I found on the forum.
Cal, you are good man! Not this year.... for sure.... but thanks for the great offer!!!

Merry Christmas Dude!!!
"That is very sad news. We always enjoyed reading his amusing witty posts since joining these forums just a short two years ago. : ( "

"He will be missed. :nonono: "

"OMG that is terrible, I have received advice from him on a couple of different forums. You never know how long you have which is all the more reason not to postpone the things you want to do."

"Just read that this astute individual passed away. What a shame because he sure had some intelligence and good insights. RIP"

I know that I've missed some of the deleted replies. Please repost as needed.

I'll need to add a bottle of this to my next liquor run.


Old Crow Jim did reply that he would need to look that up.

Rest In Peace.



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Sad news indeed. My condolences to his family and friends.

Rock Doc

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šŸ˜¢ He will be greatly missed, indeed. RIP in your Murder in the sky, Crow!!

Rock Doc
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Wow... so sad... I also enjoyed his posts very much, in fact he's the reason I often visited the LTV/Unity section (we have a Roadtrek). Learned a lot from him, as this RT Agile is our first self-propelled RV. And yes, you never know; I lost my younger brother a few years ago, in the same way. He was only 64.

Vic, thanks for the pic above. Seems appropriate. ("A Truly Great Name"...)


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His postings were insightful, well written and informative. Rest in peace and let me add my condolences to family and friends.



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Very sorry to read this. I have always been partial to those in the Corvidae family.
The Old Bourbon man will be sorely missed.


Fair winds and following seas Crow


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Long-standing contributor. He helped make this forum (and Iā€™m sure the world) a better place. Much love

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