The saga of Big Blue

I wanted to post our new to us westy and not sure this is the place to do it, please give feedback. I purchased #59 in Seattle in November from a great guy Chris who had her for 7 years. He had bought it from minigogo who has posted here bunch. Big Blue is one of the rare colors and really stands out. It is in great shape and has had a lot of upgrades. I did the deal and drove straight home, really runs strong with no problems. We were using for day trips to the beach and getting used to all the systems. Coming home from Seacliff there was a tree down and the police were running a detour, we were waved through when I heard scraping on the roof followed by a hissing noise. You guessed it, a low wire hooked the a/c unit and darn near ripped it off. i really didn’t want the a/c anyway and the gods helped me decide. Now I am in the process of installing a max fan in the hole in the roof and adding 170 watts of solar. More to follow when I have completed photos. Bill

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