Death Valley

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I’ve climbed a lot of canyons on my bike. Often the top is less impressive than the climb. Dante’s view blew me away. I think I had 1700 meters of climb that day. 5600 feet? Took me 4 hours to go up and back.
About 8-9 years ago I biked with a friend from Longmire to Paradise in Mt. Rainier NP (about 3000’ gain). It took us about 3 hours to ride up—then 30 minutes down! You made a pretty good ride of it!!

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Last year I rode my bike from dead water basin (lowest point in North America at -280feet) to Dante’s view. Absolutely amazing view. Highly recommended.
campgrounds are open/opening.
I spent a week at Furnace Creek December 08. 20F nightly to 50F day. My bike took me to Dante's and all the other climbs in the park. Great trip. Good to hear the campsites are opening.


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For those who have hard time to spend nights with no hookups, consider driving for the night to Beatty. It is nice small town, with casino, several campgrounds, restaurants and cheap fuel.
Also you will find Rhyolite Ghost Town next to it.

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Another possibility is:
Longstreet Hotel, Casino
4400 NV-373, Amargosa Valley, NV 89020
Phone: (775) 372-1777

We had a great time there back in 2017. Older facility. The people are very friendly. They have some interesting old local use equipment staged outside and a small casino. Hand pays only. No tickets or cash from the machines.


P.S. - Rhyolite was interesting. Confirm any Google navigation before following the directions to Rhyolite... or anywhere else out that way. Unless they changed routing software since we were there, Google will take you to your destination on unimproved roads.

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