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ok, this has been beat to hell, but I'm stumped. I'm cross posting from my other thread about water pump replacement.

Regarding the idler pulley trilobular 10.9 bolt:

I just bought a reconditioned pump from Mercedes Benz. There is a smooth bore where the idler pulley screws into. The idler pulley I pulled off the old engine is NOT a trilobular bolt. It's just a straight thread. I can't seem to find the part number for that bolt. Mercedes Benz of Georgetown couldn't find it.

Can someone provide the part number for that bolt?
Either that or I go after market water pump from Autozone that has a threaded hole
I try tapping that bolt.

For reference, pics of existing bolt attached.

Any help is appreciated. Sorry if this is listed somewhere. I have searched like crazy and can't find it.


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2004 140” HRC 2500 (Crewed)
If you do decide to tap the hole, I suggest mounting the pump and tap on a drill press to keep it square, then turn the chuck by hand. It would be a shame to tap a crooked hole on a new pump...

Who ever moved this, thank you!

I ended up going with a non- Mercedes Benz water pump. Here is my reasoning.
I'M A GIANT WEENY. Aqua Puttana/Vic said it looked right, but I didn't want to try something new when I was leaving in a couple days.
Also, it didn't have the triangular look to it that was mentioned. I didn't know how many times it had "cut" threads before.
The non-MB pump was already threaded and the bolt fit the threads. I used blue locktite.

As hkpierce said, I'm ordering a new bolt from Europarts-SD just so I can see a new one and hopefully learn a little more.

But in the end, I just didn't want to try something new and have my ignorant a$$ mess up my trip- 3 friends and motorcycles out in Terlingua.



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Well if you do use aftermarket , just make sure it has a steel gasket not paper or cardboard one
If yours is a 2002 /2003 do make sure the fuel pipe retentions clips are installed or replaced. Read important.
Definitely used a metal gasket.

Mine is a 2005, so not sure if your comment about the "fuel pipe retention clips" is applicable. For a newbie, what are these and where are they located? When I replaced the HPFP (high pressure fuel pump) I used new hose clamps on the high pressure fuel line and the fuel return line.

What do fuel pipes have to do with the water pump R&R?


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On a 2002 /2003 the HPOP fuel pipes run very close to water pump pulley.
New retention clips are essential being attached to the water pump.
In your case no worries.

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