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Thanks for the advice everyone. All is now good. My plea for being treated fairly did not fall on deaf ears, as of yesterday afternoon.

When a required posted hourly service charge is exceeded by adding up standard charges for a particular service, business owners should try to stay within the limits of their posted hourly labor service charges. Easy for me to say.

I can only hope all independent Sprinter service centers will keep this in mind. These 'standard' service charges for particular repairs are helpful to prevent businesses from getting screwed, but when they are used to pad a bill for more than the posted hourly labor charges, there should be some consideration taken for their loyal customers. Easy for me to say.

In my case, I am grateful for this consideration. Communicating concerns sincerely without threats is always the better way to resolve issues.


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As a shop owner I have written about repair charges & labor tariffs so many times.
Firstly, some states require you to post the labor rate in plain sight at reception .
Simple Anglo Saxon law prevails even in auto repair events.
Offeror,Offeree and Acceptance with consideration. (consideration viz money or some other agreed items )
So you in short you enter into a simple contract which is binding upon both parties.

BEFORE signing anything, study the R/O or work order for rates, job pricing and any exculpatory clauses which should be few..
If you disagree with something DON"T SIGN IT !

Its OK to query the billing estimate BEFORE signing, or alter the document, even renegotiate it Again before signing.
Most issues arise because of misunderstandings in most cases, and in a few incidences of mischievous intent by either party.

Not all vehicle owners are little angels, and due to the complexity of car repairs most repair procedures are documented nowadays made vastly easier at reception by modern technology including voice . or written communication and all recorded to the repair records by workshop systems.

As a note or rule:-
Don't lie to your significant other because he or she will find out on Facebook
And, Second don't tell a pack of lies or untruths to the repair shop or dealership . You will get caught out by repair records AND by the simple fact
that shops do investigate & communicate with other shops across the country, so do take that into account at reception.

"they said it on the internet or forums bears not weight in disputes or repair offers.

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