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If you are one of these...

-New MB Dealerships that will be providing Sprinters.
-Current MB Dealerships providing Sprinters.
-New or Current auto center that service Sprinters

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Name: (your Dealership or Sprinter Service Name)
Phone Number(s):
Information: (brief description about your Dealership or Auto Service Center)

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---Dealer List by Zip Code---

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Here is the link to Mercedes Sprinter USA. You can also locate dealers by using zip codes in the "Find a Dealer" link at the top if what you needed wasn't posted in Sikwan's list.



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Another site that I would recommend is...


...this will list BOTH MB and Freightliner dealerships.


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A friend of mine works for Sewell Automotive in Dallas, and they sell Sprinters. What's the best way to get them on the list ? Shall I refer someone there to the forum so they can join and post their info ?


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Hi sikwan! We are new and looking forward to meeting the members of this forum. Here is our info:

Name: Delta Vehicle Systems
Address: 212 E 34th, Garden City ID 83714
Phone Number(s): 208.890.0380
Email: dave@deltavs.com
Website: www.deltavs.com
Information: We are an emerging product line company for Sprinters (and Toyota model vehicles). We specialize in front and rear bumpers, installing the Adventure Wagon RUV Kits for Sprinter interiors, and do custom Sprinter Upfitting as well.

Here is a link to some of our most recent work:
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any recommendations on servicing a 2016 2500 4x4 144" in the East Hartford, Connecticut area?
We're purchasing from Enterprise Car Sales in East Hartford. I imagine there will be a warranty, but we thought it would be a good idea to have it checked out.


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I don't know about the service department but be careful with the sales dept. at MB The Woodlands.

I purchased a 2016 Passenger and they both (salesman and sales manager) mentioned free A and B service. When I finally picked up the van the salesman (apart from not showing many anything about the van--saying he didn't know much about them), I specifically asked him about the A and B service and how the service department will know it's free. He said: "Aw, we have a record of it.".

So I go to get my A service and what do you think happened. They wanted to charge and after getting the salesman involved he emailed me a form I signed saying something about nothing else offered, and then asked why I'm nickel and diming them!

So it's my dumb fault for taking a car salesman at their word and not getting it in writing, but being treated that way makes me so not interested in using them. Dealership manager saw my complaint but wasn't interested in communicating with me either. I took the car to a different MB mechanic for the Service A and don't know if I'll go back there for service B.


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Warning; Stay away from M/Benz dealers that are owned by Sonic Automotive, I took my 2015 Sprinter into M/Benz of Nashville,Tn. After charging me $800 for work I didn't approve then to do.Some how diesel fuel was found in the oil pan and the term was the engine was making oil. Of course I can't prove any of this, if could I have an Atty file suit. I filed a complaint with the BBB but that fall on deaf ears.However I found out thur the Internet that Sonic has had a few issues with customer complaints.Its sad to say but Customer Service is just words,that means nothing to this company. When service writers are put on commission in order to get paid it makes them fudge the repairs.Life lesson from a 74 year old who been around the block,do not complain to the service writer until you review the bill and are ready to pick up van. I had to replace the engine for $14,000. Like I said I can't prove it. Don't do business with this OUTFIT.


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Name: Remke's Garage
Address: 8122 S. Grant Hwy. Marengo, IL 60152
Phone Number(s): 815-923-4182
Email: shop@remkesgarage.com
Website: www.remkesgarage.com
Information: Family owned repair facility since 1966. Specializing in Diesel Engines, we have the Factory Mercedes Sprinter Tool which allows us to do everything the dealer can. We also service Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Freightliner and Isuzu. We install Engine Heaters and Glide-Rite Air Ride Suspension for Sprinters. We also repair and build custom Driveshafts and Hydraulic Cylinders onsite.
Name: McCoy Freightliner Sprinter Center

Address: 2323 NE Columbia Blvd Portland Oregon 97211

Phone Number(s):503-735-1970

Email: Devanmyrick@pdxftl.com


Information: Dealership has new management. Most likely the largest selection of 4X4 Sprinters at any given time in the NW. We get a lot of Westcoast travelers in for Parts and Service and we are confident we have 3 of the best Sprinter technicians in the country. We will price match any Mercedes-Benz factory part and most likely beat any factory dealership pricing in the western region. Above all that, our Customer Service is what we are most proud of.


Name: Baker Motor Company

Address: 1511 Savannah Highway Charleston, South Carolina 29407

Phone: 843-860-8662

Email: gstavros@bakermotorcompany.com

Website: https://www.baker.mercedesdealer.com/mercedes-benz-vans/

Coming Soon, Mercedes Benz Van Center of Charleston

Information: The privately held Baker Motor Co. operates manufacturer-authorized new car and truck dealerships for 14 brands including Rolls-Royce, BMW, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Land Rover, Jaguar, Smart Car, Mercedes-Benz, Sprinter, Infiniti, Buick, GMC and Cadillac.


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I just put a deposit down on my first ever sprinter van!
It is a 2003 3500 SHC with 100k miles located in Westport, MA.

I am wondering if any of you know of a good sprinter mechanic in that area that would be willing to head over that way and inspect it for some quick cash?
I am located in NJ and am having a hard time getting someone out there to look at it.

The guy selling doesn’t want to bring the van anywhere due to covid, so the inspection needs to take place at his garage.
Any and all info is much appreciated.
Thank you!

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It would be nice to have a list of Independent Sprinter service providers. I hate paying MB dealers priced. I will add one:
GMA Sprinters, Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-368 5442. These guys service nothing but Sprinters. E-mail: German Auto Masters@gmail.com


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It would be nice to have a list of Independent Sprinter service providers. I hate paying MB dealers priced. I will add one:
GMA Sprinters, Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-368 5442. These guys service nothing but Sprinters. E-mail: German Auto Masters@gmail.com
Hi, do you mean GAM?
4119 NE 6th Ave, Oakland Park, FL 33334


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It would be nice to have a list of Independent Sprinter service providers. I hate paying MB dealers priced. I will add one:
GMA Sprinters, Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-368 5442. These guys service nothing but Sprinters. E-mail: German Auto Masters@gmail.com
Have you looked through the Dealer and Supplier sub forums?



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Have to say I have been struggling for a mechanic , i had a T1N that flooded so had to buy a 2007 freight liner 3500, bad oil cooler cat etc , I found a great local mobile mechanic , who drives a sprinter , he is in DMV area he charged me $1200 labor for oil cooler /oil leak repair labor , $200 for Catalic swap , $200 for intake clean , and $40 for a replacement glow plug , he's mobile too really really good guy , name is Angel he knows his sprinters , top to bottom , electrics too , The local Mercedes dealer wanted $4500 for the oil cooler gasket company ADAS llc does not have much info , but again he's humble and knowledgeable , and mobile if you need his info message me cheers

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