Dashboard Pockets with lids!!!!


Never mind @Sprinter man Sam - I found them

the rubber mats for the bottom are

A 910 689 1700 9051 Left Side
A 910 689 1800 9051 Right side

$18-23 ea online
$30 retail FYI

BTW I talked to the guy who does the online orders at MBStarParts / Mercedes Stevens Creek and he said he got two dozen orders a couple weeks back - we cleared out all available USA stock and they had to get the rest from Germany

I wish there was an STL file. I could just print it out and have fun doing it in TPU.

Sprinter man Sam

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@aviatordoc the pics you requested ...

a trim tool and a Torx T20 SHORT screwdriver or 1/4” socket & wrench is all you need as stated above

Credit to @Sprinter man Sam for the part numbers and original description ...

- pull plastic trim tweeter cover w trim tool
- pull plastic trim forward of stock dash pocket - I found it easier to start at the center and work outboard
- three T20 Torx screws need to be removed - two along the edge closest to the windshield, one at the outer end where it attaches to tweeter panel
- the stock dash pocket is now only held in with clips along the edge closest to you - use trim tool, I found it easiest to start along the innermost corner and go outboard again - pulling up with some force on the cup holder, as you work the trim tool around, helps it pop out

- install is same in reverse except you now only use two T20 screws and they now go in the angled holes facing you - much easier to get them in

Job done.
Thank you @Sprinter man Sam
You guys are more than welcome.


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Thanks guys. ordered mine just now. apparently we are depleting USA stock and they need to come from Germany.
Why don't they just put these in at the factory and charge the difference?

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@coss370 nope mine sit flush, but I did notice that the passenger side lid didn’t swing as smoothly as driver side ... plastic parts and tolerances and heat/cold, I guess ...


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https://www.buymercedespartsnow.com I searched the part numbers you guys supplied. They confirmed with my VIN to fit. Then said none in the country after I ordered, then wanted to refund. I told them I would be waiting anywhere I ordered from. A bit over a week and they sent an email saying it shipped Fed ex slo slo way. If tracking is correct they arrive Tuesday .

Yours may have arrived and to be shipped as well. my local dealer said none in the country when I called him first.


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Mine arrived today. I added some dynomat on the underside. There was already sound insulation below the pocket it sits in.
No rubber bottom insert/ liner. I guess I will order that next.


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