p0671 & p0380


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I have had these two codes on and off for about 8 mos. now, The other morning it was very cold, started no problem but slow crank. Got the codes again. later that morn, tried to start again. DEAD. Purchased new battery and starts great. Have not had the codes since? Could they be related?


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Both of those codes seem to be glow plug related (after searching). Since the glow plugs use a tremendous amount of power from the battery, I would say they are related.


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I just had both of these codes show up after changing a fuel filter?

Very Strange no?

They are glow plug codes...why would they appear the moment I prime the new fuel filter and fire her up?

Codes were not there before.

Need to hook up DAD, this was through scan guage...

Any suggestions by anyone perhaps on how these could be related?

She fired right up....



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Re: p0674, p0671 & p0380

I found this post very interesting since I recently changed my fuel filter and now get random p0674, p0671 and p0380. Sometimes they self clear and other times I clear. Seems to occur more frequently when it sits for a few days. SUGGESTIONS?


I get those codes often on our 2005 210,000 mile Sprinter p0674, p0671 and p0380. It was cold yesterday and those codes popped right up. But even summer temperature weather those codes pop up. I just clear those codes and stop worrying about them.

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