Replacement Frig source or repair.


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Hi everyone, short story I think my frig is going bad, it seems to be sucking power from solar batteries.

long story is my Renogy solar system has be good for 2 years but has been giving me problems lately. I replaced the controller and seemed fine. I then found the solenoid From the house to the van was bad and I replaced that, but I ended up disconnecting it. Wired it and I had no house power when van was running, Reversed the wire and my solar controller overheated and the solenoid was hot. With my frig off I’m good on power. So I ask the question above. Thanks


We had a Norcold in our Sportsmobile and found it to be an energy hog. We replaced it with an Isotherm and have been very pleased with the low power consumption and the efficient layout. If you need to replace, I highly recommend Isotherm.

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