Adventure Wagon Kit Review


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I’m not totally happy with my kit. I wished I had a better phone conversation over the phone what is included that varies from photos on the Website. Somethings are very well done. Some areas are lacking.

The rear doors without windows should include fabric panels or extra fabric to complete at home.

The back side panels near rear doors that run from floor to ceiling. If you opt to have your bottom panels none fabric then the long panel should also match the bottom portion of the other panels. This drives me crazy because I store gasoline and toolbox here. I’m ordering hexagon to cover fabric in this area. “Photos included

I’d suggest drilling added holes in orange frame for more rivets. You are securing a L track with the rivnuts. That doesn’t sound smart. If you have anything mounted to the L-track that will shift while driving this will pull the l-track/rivnuts from the body. Mine lasted about two minutes on a dirt road. Not a very good Gear Hauler.

Adding a light switch is a must for celling panels.
Maybe I’m just bitching.
I am making my own AdVan kit, almost. I did buy the V2 bed install kit, so I have the vertical rails. I am installing the horizontal L-Track using Plus-Nut, so hopefully they won't be pulling out. Also I am using US Cargo Control L-Track, where there is a screw hole every 4".

Basically, the question I am getting at, what did you use after you pulled out some of the RivNuts that failed on you?
I'm a huge fan of the Adventure Wagon kit. I chose black button for the lower panels since bikes and boxes would be at the lower levels.

How are you liking the Smart floor, in regard to Insulation? I was looking into this option for a buildout, but am concerned about cold temps coming through the floor.

Im struggling to find a decent DOT option for a Cargo Van, beginning to lean toward ordering a Crew just to have the Seat attachments already in place, any advice/options appreciated


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I am planning on perhaps some thin mini cell insulation on top of the floor then some carpet to serve as a thermal break. Once the seats are in place, I don't see them being moved around during the trip. I am also toying with the idea of running some 3/8" radiant tubing through the floor ribs, but I haven't seen anyone doing that. I did shine a flashlight through and it is completely open to push tubing through if one wanted to try that route.
Mad Vans actually did a setup with radiant heating and the smart floor. I have the SmartFloor and it's pretty cold on the feet up at the mountain. It is not insulated yet. I plan on cutting strips of Thinsulate and pulling it through. That won't eliminate all the cold but it should help a little.


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Let me know how that works as the ribs are probably what is transmitting the temp from the van floor to the top of the smart floor. Do you happen to have a link to the Mad Vans install, would be curious to see some pictures.

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