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The Cheap Tricks thread is getting fairly long. Here is a short description and post number to help reference back.

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The original thread:
Aqua Puttana's Cheap Tricks - Nothin' Fancy Here

An unabashed advertisement. If you find the style of the above thread helpful I have some others.

Stoopid Things condensed
(The condensed list has short descriptions to aid searching.)

Used Sprinter Buying Tips

Check Engine Light DTC MIL Codes List

Limp Home Mode comments

Trailer Wiring OEM Harness vs. Light Module

Tools - Quality, Special, Dodge, MB, Mercedes, Hose Clamp

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Cheap Tricks Condensed List

* Shelving uprights can make good brackets along the window areas for ladders, tie down attachments, and other stowage. Post #1

* Inexpensive shore power using common electrical parts and rescued plug strip. Other people contributed many good ideas in subsequent threads. Starts Post #3

* Stow a cooler between the driver and passenger seats. Makes a nice platform to set things on while traveling too. Post #9

Page 2

* Inexpensive cooler hinge repair to keep your old cooler in service. Post #13

* Install a "loft bed" platform using 2 x 4's and other easily obtained materials. Post #15

* A portable LED map light that doubles as a flashlight. Post #16

* Straps to use instead of the more expensive rear assist handles. Post #17

* Improve the quality of sound from a Sound 10 radio by adding two speakers. (It'll still sound crappy, just less crappy.) Post #18

* Install a dash magnet plate for a tissue box, etc. Post #19

* Mean in Green's heater cable fix using cable ties. Gotta love cable ties. Post #20

Page 3

* Homemade stout tent pegs. Post #21

* Experimental additional cooling for the cabin fan speed resistor. Post#27

* Experimental Teacup O2 sensor cleaning and sensor part numbers. Post #30

Page 4

* Lumbar seat bladder repair possibility. Post #31

* Cheaper parts for rear axle differential rebuilding. Post #32

* Large aluminum hoop steps to assist entry. Post #34

* Use cardboard for working underneath your Sprinter. Post #35

* Non-OEM radio antenna possible replacement. Post #37

* Holders for holding handle tools such as brooms. Post #38

* Rear door entry handle mounted to passenger seat. Post #39

* Trailer towing draw bar storage using existing front bracket. Post #40

Page 5

* Removing dripped rust stains using Orange Hand cleaner and magic eraser. Post #41

* Cheapy hot knife for cutting materials. Post #43

* A generic collection of troubleshooting flow charts. Post #44

* Methods of using bungee cords to help store/secure items. Post #45

* Grease (paint) pencil record keeping. Post #46

* Some RV/Traveling "Poop" Sheets Post #49

* Max's fuzzy head resr. Post #50

Page 6

* To quote Glasseye, "EEEeeeewwww!" a different way to use the Folgers Flavor Seal technology. Post #51

* Harbor Freight carries track tie downs. Post #59

* Inside Boat Style Cleats for Medium Duty Tying. Post #60

Page 7

* Outside Cleats for Medium Duty Tying. Post #61

* 4 knots every van owner should know. Post #62

* Cardboard Bolt/Assembly Holding Template Post #63

* Rear Door Storage Post #64

* Armor Your Transmission Lines Post #65

* Water/Soda Bottle Organizer Post #66

* Storage box with Lid. Post #67

* Some good tips and videos from Max. Post #68

* Air Filters - Reuse/recycle Experiment Post #69

* Turbo Hose Re-enforcement experiment. Post #70

Page 8

* Power Window Regulator (roller/slide) DIY Repair. Post #71

* Tail lights/turn signal problems may be OEM (or aftermarket) trailer wiring. Post #74

* Brakes not good. Engine power loss. Possible vacuum leak(s). Post #75

* Rear Air Conditioner replacement operation tips. Post #77

* T1N Front Speaker Replacement. Post #78

* Camping screen enclosure, window screen, door screen ideas. Some cheap, some not. Post #79

* Pictures of added wiring under seat to below the van floor. Post #80

Page 9

* Heater Knob Air Control Stuck Binding. Post #81

* Engine Air Filter Selection. Post #82

* Repair sliding door inside handle not working. Post #83

* Heater and A/C Fan (Resistor) Only Works on High Speed. Post #84

* EGR Cleaning Procedure PDF and much more. Mostly from HK Pierce. Post #85

* Replace a rusty T1N fuel cap with an all plastic oil cap. Post #86

* Replace booster heater circulation pump motor brushes. Post #88

* Max’s claim your space parking method. Post #89

Page 10

* Use a heat gun to remove the T1N valence. Post #91

* Florida’s Turnpike Travel SunPass mini. Post #92 Note: FL travelers should read this one.

* One method of getting heat to the 2nd row passenger/feet. Included is a link to discussion with more information. Post #93

* Some methods of removing the dash vents to avoid breaking them and buying more parts. Post #94

* Use 22" Wipers on both sides. Post #95

* Fuel Filter Fragile Plastic Tab. Be careful when changing your filter. Post #96

* Driver Seat Electrical Access. If you have the multiple adjustment red handle seat controls the seat pan can be quickly removed. Post #97

Page 11

* Wiring information for 120 volt 110 volt 12 volt AC DC plug receptacle Post #101

* Wiper blade clip tips thanks to Mendonsy. Post #102

* Photoadjuster recommends to park your wipers and break them loose from ice and snow before you turn them on. Post #103

* OrioN's Roof Wire Access Box Post #105

* Low charge voltage or start problems could be related to a specific wire harness. Post #106

* Affordable Aluminum Loading Ramp Post #107

* Pushing Hydraulic Fluid UP using Air Pressure Post #108

* 500 Watt Modified Sine Wave Inverter Post #109

* Air Lock Tent for Sprinter Camping Post #110

Page 12

* Glow plug light on replacement test fault check scan Post #111

* Glove Compartment Door Falls Open No Latch Not Latching #112

* Drive line shudder Post #113

* No Acceleration Throttle Pedal Response Post #114

* Fuel pump noise and low pressure Post #115

* Adjust Hand Parking Brake Video. Misc. Brake, Bearing, Seal Info. Post #116

* Auxiliary Light Switches (for adding lights) Post #117

* Grease Your Parking Brake Cable Lever Assembly Post #118

** Teamtexas (Dan) RV Conversion - some great use of home store products. Post #119

Page #13

* U.S. Airstream Sprinter Westfalia roof A/C air conditioner checks. Post #121

* ABS ESP Traction Lights On - Brake Light Fuse (#5?) Blown. Post #122

* Viscous Fan Clutch Replacment. Post #123

* Glue a piece of neoprene on steering wheel. Post #124

* Use Limo Tint Window Film for sun block. Post #127

Page 14

* Power Steering Pump Check. Post #131

* Cheaper Key for T1N Doors MB17, etc. Post #132

* Sprinter Maintenance Videos. Post #138

* Socket Set Organizer. Post #140

Page 15

* My Experience Changing Glow Plugs. Post #141

* Some additional information about glow plugs. Post #142

* Magnet(s) Catch Drill Shavings. Post #144

* Power Steering Fluid MB 236.3 spec. Post #145

* Milk crates for camping shelves and transport. Post #146

* Muffler Exhaust Pipe Repair. Post #149

Page #16

* Weld Rod Tube for Spare Parts Storage. Post #152

* Intermittent Starter Test Method and Starter Change Info. Post #153

* Spare Parts Storage- another option. Post #154

* Sliding Door Handle Repair. Post #155

* Redneck Sprinter Chipped Key. Post #158

* Wheel Speed Sensor Puller - Homemade. Post #159

* Turbo Hose Plastic Sensor Holder. Post #160

Page 17

* Boost Sensor Seal Repair For Dummies. Post #161

* My Method of Pressure Testing some Boost Components. Post #162

* Sound Locating Method. Post #163

* Exhaust Stud Repair. Post #164

* No dash shift indicator. Shift stuck in park. Post #170
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Page 18

* Some Thoughts on Acceptable Cheaper Engine Oil for NAFTA T1N Sprinters. Post #171

* Cheap easy Men's Porta Potti. Post #173

* Cheap and Easy Dash Rocker Switches. Post #174

* Start Battery Replacement Options. Post #175

* APACT (Quick A/C Vent Test. Post #176

* Windshield Gutter Drain Channel Cleaning. Post #179
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