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Former Nelson BC Sprinter
A couple of weeks ago my wife and I were on a trip from our home in Olympia to eastern Washington in our 2006 Sprinter when it went into limp home mode... We turned around and limped home...

One diesel specific repair shop that was recommended to us a while back said they could take a look at it right away... Right away was super important because we had to get to Canada for a family matter... That diesel shop didn't have a code reader for our year, and we waited and waited (6 days) until it was clear that the claim that they could get us repaired in time for our Canada Trip wasn't going to happen...

I called around to several other shops who were Sprinter capable and everyone was booked for weeks... One shop, recommended Auto Tech... I called them and told them our predicament and they reassured me that they could get the repair done and have us on the road to Canada per our schedule...

I also called my wife's cousin who has an agriculture museum in nearby Centralia (with every kind of diesel tractor imaginable) for a recommendation and he said Auto Tech... Not cheap, but fair...

We picked up our van from the first shop, went straight down the road a few miles to Auto Tech and dropped it off, explained what happened, and they promised to get on it right away... First thing the next day they sent us via email a complete, bumper to bumper, tires to roof, analysis (with photos) of the current state of our vehicles systems... Three vital issues to resolve the power loss were identified as well as some things that could be deferred... AutoTech was proactive and got the parts needed ordered and on the way as soon as their analysis was done and before I phoned them to discuss what we wanted to get us back on the road... I really appreciated it...

The next morning we got the call the work was done and it was ready for pick up... I was told that one of the parts needed was out of stock locally so they sent someone across two counties to pick it up... They also said the quoted coat of the repairs were less than quoted, and asked if we had AAA, we did and got another $50 off...!!!...

As you can tell I really think highly of Auto Tech... From the initial phone call, to the drive off, they were family- like friendly, educational in their explanations, and did what they said what they would do, on time and for less that the initial estimate...

Thanks guys...!!!... See you next year to get that Jeep starter issue resolved as well...


Erratic Member
... Three vital issues to resolve the power loss were identified as well as some things that could be deferred...
Not to divert this tread tooooo much, but what was (were?) the issues with your Sprinter? (and the fixes)
Info like that really helps "the next guy"

... what was (were?) the issues with your Sprinter? (and the fixes)
I don't have the work order with me here in Canada and I'm not a mechanic so my terminology might be off a bit...

1) The primary issue had to do with the turbo resonator... It was replaced.

2) #5 glow plug was bad, so they all were replaced, along with a control module.

3) The diesel pre-heater was failing, it too was replaced.


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Thanks, that's adequate info.


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