Electric running boards vs. fixed


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AMP look nice but more moving parts to get broken, and if you have a 4x4 and do some off roading you don’t want to be worrying about anything else but a bump which is what fixed will get.
also the fixed ones are great to prevent dings in parking lots 😅


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what year is your Sprinter. I was told that they are not available for 2019 and newer yet?
2019. They aren’t available as a plug in canbus solution, but they do work as I outlined above. Had to remove the door panels and splice a wire.

I have small kids, and a fixed running board wouldn’t lower the step in enough. (Yeah - for the kids - not for me). I’m all in on the amp steps.

and as far as them being damaged off road - well, I’ve spent a lot of time under my van at this point - there are so many other things to hit that would shut the van down - the running boards aren’t a concern.
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Do we have actual confirmation of any power steps working on a 2019+ without a magnet switch?
I’ve seen them on plenty of VS30’s, not sure if they use a magnet switch or not. You might try calling Agile Off Road, they sell and install AMP steps.

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PSA: If you have a 2019+ Sprinter, do not buy part number SPZ-19a3-PAD-NOH-NOA from Sprinter Store.

You'll be tempted. I was. Seemed too good to be true, because everywhere else it was unavailable. APPARENTLY, they are marketing 2018 kits as 2019+ which seems highly misleading. I've been communicating with Amp-Research and they stated clearly that there are wiring (which we knew already) AND bracket changes for 2019. They are close to market-ready for the VA30, but not at this time.

How do I know this? Because I am halfway through installing the kit from Sprinter Store and the drivers side rear bracket will not install. I contacted Amp and they confirmed I have parts for a 2018 or earlier van. They further stated that since the kit is being modified to work (or not work, rather), their warranty does not apply.

But Sprinter Store warrants it, whatever that is worth.

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I finished installing power steps for a VS30. That took too long but it's done.

My one major gripe about the finished product is that the drivers side one is crooked when it's retracted. I haven't noticed if it's crooked when it's deployed, but it should be theoretically. It's just a lot more obvious when it's closer to the rocker because they're not parallel. I think this is a result of the rear brace needing a revision.

They work excellent though. I was worried that they'd be too slow but they're fully deployed before you can get the door open all the way. You don't have to pause before entering or exiting. The lights are a really nice touch, too.

I don't understand why the documentation for wiring the door trigger wires is so poor. It added a lot of time and frustration to the install. It's easy once you understand which wire you need to tap into but they don't explain it clearly.

Plan for 2 days if you're working alone and you're slow like me.

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Is anyone else having an issue with Amp-Research power steps from Sprinter Store (2018 kit modified to fit a 2019+ VS30) where they just stop working until you disconnect and reconnect the power supply? It seems about every week or so I have to pull the fuse and reinsert it. Kind of annoying.

And a note about this modified kit, whatever it's worth. I don't think it's an actual PROBLEM per se, it's not causing any real malfunctions. But because of the way the magnet switch has to be wired to make this kit work, the passengers side front door, and the sliding door become electrically equivalent. So any time either door is open, the van thinks BOTH are open, and will display as such in the display in the instrument panel. Just something to note.


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I had similar issues with AMP steps but i took out the rubber/silicone ‘washer’ on the electrical connection from step to harness and it solved all of my issues. I also have a seasonal on/off switch as we live in snow country and i don’t want the steps working with ice and snow bidding them up.


2020 VS30 4X4 144
Have ‘em since January on a 2020. No issues ever.

the slider door/passenger door open indication on the mag switch is real. When the slider opens, the van thinks the passenger door is open too. I’m very aware of it, but It hasn’t caused an issue that I know of. (Other than not locking the passenger door via the fob when the slider is open. Not really an issue)

I haven’t experimented - but I think a diode on each door signal wire would fix it.


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I haven’t experimented - but I think a diode on each door signal wire would fix it.

That's probably true, I hadn't thought of that. Right now we're dealing with a faulty magnet switch. Yesterday, it was over bumps that the interior lights would come on and the step would deploy. The van disables cruise control when the door is "open", so this became pretty annoying. Today, it seems that the magnet switch is somehow worse. It sees "closed" only when the sliding door is almost latched. But once it's fully closed, the step deploys again. Maybe driving caused the 2-sided tape to shift slightly? I don't know. It doesn't LOOK like it's moved but who knows.

I've temporarily fixed it with yet another magnet, so at least we can use cruise control. This is not the installation I wanted, which makes the whole thing more frustrating.

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