BNIB Virtifrigo DP2600IXD4-F-2 for sale - Austin,TX -> Bay Area, CA


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Austin, TX / Phoenix, AZ / Las Cruces, NM / Bay Area, CA / SoCal
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Hey All,
So I messed up and bought way too big of a fridge for our van. It's a super sweet stainless steel front loading fridge/freezer. We've opted to go a different route to gain more counter space. We're pretty bummed because it's such a beautiful fridge/freezer.

We're in Austin, TX temporarily and headed back to the Bay Area, CA closer to Christmas so if you're along the way we can deliver it! I'm looking to get what we paid or at least close to it, $1960.

Link to fridge:

Thanks for not laughing at my costly mistake too much!


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