Randy's, Willimina, OR (Service)


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Randy's American Car Care Center
452 SE Main St.
Willamina, OR 97396


Just north of the eastern junction of Hwy 22 and 18. If you are headed to the Oregon Coast from Salem, it's on the way.

Randy's has a qualified Sprinter mechanic and lifts that can handle all Sprinters and Sprinter-based RVs, because the Spirit Mountain Casino uses a large number of Sprinters as shuttles. I've used Randy's for most of my maintenance and non-warranty work. Excellent service.


Re: Randy's, Willimina, Oregon (Service)

~ Good Routine Maintenance ~

Fine little shop, great people! As david_42 shares, Randy's regularly services the fair size fleet of Sprinters utilized as shuttles by Spirit Mountain Casino, a mere 6 1/2 miles down the pike from their shop. Upon arrival I lined out Roy with what was wanted: oil & filter change, transmission fluid & filter change, radiator coolant change, check everything else. Had provided all MB-spec fluids, fuel filter & oil filter myself after shopping around Portland for the best deals, Randy walking in with the transmission filter & kit within minutes of my arrival. Had then asked what direction the casino was, as I'd never been (in fact, had only once in my nearly 58 years ever been in a real casino before). They pointed the way, saying it was 7 miles or so. "Thanks", says I as I shouldered my pack & hung my trusty walking stick from its side. They looked at one another then back at me, seeming not to believe my desire to walk there... yet 95 minutes later I was walking through the doors of Spirit Mountain Casino. What a place! Only dropped $60 on keno there, no wins. ~sigh~ Fantastic lunch there though.

Took the McMinnville bus back to Randy's about 2 hours later (only a buck) & "Lizzie" was almost ready. Everything looked good, Jason said (he's their diesel mechanic), the rear end fluid not needing changed for quite some time to come, saving me some bucks. There was an extremely minor "hickup" when departing & my "Oil HI" light came on after 4 miles. Turned Lizzie around & headed back to Randy's. After Jason drained about 16 oz. or so of fresh synthetic from those mighty 164 cubic inches of raw power & saving it for me, all was good. Had then decided to drive back to Spirit Mountain, as they had my $60, man. In short, had thrown another $40 into a different keno machine to round out my gambling to $100 total, which should last me another few decades. Hit 6 out of 6 for $415.00 quickly. Getting late, had increased the bet to 3 quarters per game to play down to $400.00 even, putting the C-note back in my pocket & saving the $300... only it didn't work out that way. Had hit another 6 for 6 with different numbers for another $1,245.00. Cashed out for 50 cents less than $1,700.00... & that, ladies & gentlemen, is how one can come out ahead having one's Sprinter serviced @ Randy's.

Bottom line: $262.00 labor for everything, likely 2/3rds or less that one would pay at a stealership.... & outside of a very slight oil overfill initially- No runs, No drips, No errors.
Am giving them an "Excellent" rating for fine routine maintenance, their honesty & their affable natures. A pleasure to do business with.

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