NAFTA Chrysler Scantool Software WiTECH Simulation VIN was built


Not Suitable w/220v Gen
This is just trivia.....

72chev4x4 wanted to know about OM642, NCV3 glow plug operation.

I was curious and decided to fire up WiTECH and create a recording template to record glow plug activity, ambient temp from the CAN bus, and I forget what else.

To make this template I fired up the WiTECH software and used one of the "simulated" vehicles, so I could create template w/o going outside and connecting my Sprinter to my StarMOBILE unit.

I noticed the simulated VIN "WD0PF445775143719" and it looked kind of "real to me."

For some reason, I just figured it was a phony VIN for the scan tool simulation function.

So, curiosity got the better of me. I logged into and - to my surprise - I was able to find its data card.

View attachment WiTECH-Simulation-VIN-DataCard.pdf

Now, a little Q&A:

What's a Data Card?
It's "Mercedes-Benz" lingo for what we NAFTA humans call a vehicle "build sheet" or the car lot "window sticker"


Electronic Parts Catalog for MBUSA's vehicles - part numbers for all - ok, most - MB vehicles.

What's WiTECH?

WiTECH, in this context is a software package that works on NAFTA NCV3s built for the Chrysler franchise. This software only works if you have a StarMOBILE scan tool or a WiTECH VCI Pod to plug into your Sprinter.

Is WiTECH an MB tool?

Neither WiTECH or StarMOBILE are MB tools. They are the "factory scan tools" for NAFTA NCV3s when Chrysler owned the NAFTA Sprinter franchise.

Finally, because I still get emails about this, too:

WiTECH and StarMOBILE only work on 2007/2008 and 2009 NAFTA Sprinters, at this writing.
Neither will work an earlier NAFTA model (NAFTA T1N). Please view this thread if you need an affordable, comprehensive T1N scan tool.


PS: yes, I know that VINs aren't random numbers and the software probably needed one that decoded properly. I just figured that Daimler would have a test VIN for reference and that people who code scan tool software for Daimler products would have something like that in a software developer kit.
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