Airstream pre wired for Solar ???


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Does any one out there who may know 2005 Airstream Interstate prewired or wire ready for roof top solar panels ?
My owner manual stated this Interstate has Solar ready but wonder wiring or cable ready and where is it location ?
Thank you .
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I found the solar prewire under the closet floor on my 2006 Interstate. I did not use it and instead ran my own wiring.


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Is looks like this ? If it is then mine is under Frig empty cabinet .
Some one on other site had told me this it is .



UK 2004 T1N 313CDi
Tag on cable says 'SOLAR PNL' so my guess would be that it is! After all what else could it be with that tag?



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Hasn't any closer to these ### on this pig trail yet . But where is the other end that is matter .
Planning to have a 12V monocrystalline as one big panel only ( 26" X 58" ) 200W with room for one only.

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