2.1l fuel injector hold down bolt part number


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Wow! Thanks!
I'll download tomorrow when I get back into good signal range. (I'm out boondocking in my Van right now).

What forum or group are you in? I'm in MHHAuto and all of the Mercedes people there are very cryptic and good download links are hard to find. I just want to Diag and tweak my own van and everyone there seems to be shops that work on vans so the people that know want you to pay them for the good files.
Were you able to download/install and make it to work/run?


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Were you able to download/install and make it to work/run?
So I finally got both EPC and WIS installed. Thanks Dima!
They don't open from Xentry. Xentry wants to go to the online version I think? Do I need an older version to get them to integrate properly? Are you supposed to be able to go straight into the relevant WIS and EPC pages when you are working with a vehicle in Xentry so that the VIN or variant is already loaded?

Also running the programs straight from the IE browser window worked at first, but now the .jnlp java links stopped working. Tried setting file association to javaws.exe. no luck. Still working on it... Freaking Java! LOL


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For Future Reference:

If you already have an older version of Java installed, don't update when prompted.

I had to downgrade java to Version 8 Update 71:

You may have to associate .jnlp files with Java webstart in the Program Files (x86)/Java/x version/bin/javaws.exe folder
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