White paint coming off.


2004 Dodge/Freightliner/Gulfstream
The gold on my Vista cruiser is fine but the white paint is flaking off at various joints and the A pillar on the doors. Given that is factory paint I’m thinking I’m going to have to strip this thing down before repainting. Holy Sxxx! Anyone else with ideas or experience?


Yes this is a known MB vans issue due to the thermal shock if van was over the years in sun and cold. I could not pressure wash van as every time water will wash off paint . happens everywhere side hood roof. I had repainted mine. I use Rust oleum spray professional white paint spray. I did whole panel over the wind shield, hood especially under the gutters.


2004 Dodge/Freightliner/Gulfstream
Hey, thanks for the reply! It was pressure washing that did me in as well. You would think better from MB.
This was one reason I had my van painted, catch it while it was still in good shape and because I preferred another color than white.


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