NAFTA 2007 2500 Cargo - Jon's new starter battery

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Not Suitable w/220v Gen
I ordered the factory AGM battery back in 2007. Something I read, or feel like I read, said it was a 3 year battery. Now it's 2010. If I'm remembering correctly, some of us will be replacing our batteries this year.

There's a bit of branding and marketing debate in this thread, which I closed due to meandering off topic postings (My opinion: I hijacked my own thread).

As I said before, I thought 2007 owners would be replacing their batteries sooner than later, so since I had some spare cash, I decided to scope out the best specs I could find.

I did this because it might help some people figure out if this is the battery they want and because I live well below my means and have no one to support but myself (my mortgage and freakish fascination with preserving my Sprinter, so that, upon my death, the Smithsonian will receive it and hopefully proudly display my Line-X toupee' in an "Economic Folly of the Early 21st Century" exhibit, circa 2057).

... but I digress.

The battery on my desk is a replacement battery for my Sprinter's starter battery: the Braille Endurance B10049.

Here is a PDF of the Product Performance and Registration Card.

View attachment BrailleBatteryProductPerformanceRegistrationCard.pdf

Shane mentioned in a PM to me (yes, Shane and I talk behind your backs, get over it) that the NAPA equiv is rated at 875cca.

As you can see from the card, Braille rated this unit at 1388. Did they lie? I don't know.

I'm just going to put it on my Schumacher DSR 12500A battery charger/tester (yet another tool you, gentle reader & Sprinter enthusiast) DO NOT NEED TO BUY. Unless you wanna be Schumacher DSR 12500A buddies or something.

The Schumacher DSR 12500A manual:

View attachment manual-PSC-12500A(DSR).pdf

If - after reading the manual - there's a test you want me to run for this write up, send me a PM.

If you want to warn me not to use the tool on the new battery, send me a PM.

It you want to know how to get lots of money, you're reading the wrong forum, or at least the wrong posting from one of its members.

If you have a child wandering around your house sticking screw drivers into electrical outlets, stop reading and take care of the important things in life.

.... more when I have more....



Not Suitable w/220v Gen
The new battery was fully charged in an hour or less (went to the store).

I just finished installing it. I have some pictures of the fitting, including a caveat that you'll want to be aware of..... I'll post those pics in a few days.

In the mean time: Shane, the Braille fits. I'll let you know if I sense a difference in cranking time in the morning - should be about -1C when I leave for work. I'll notice if there's a difference. I've been paying attention.

A little more:

WiTECH 10.2.33 (or whatever it is) tells me that the running at idle voltage is between 13.24 and 13.48.

The old battery: 11 - 12.5 under the same conditions.

I'll post charger pictures, of charger/tester results of the braille battery and my old factory battery in a few days.



Not Suitable w/220v Gen
Attached is a PDF containing pictures of the packing practices by Jegs for batteries. The shipping service was Fed Ex, but it was the holiday season and while I didn't order next day service or anything, I suspect people were over-worked and not on top of their game. Still, it's pretty bad.

Before you buy on line, ask about how they pack batteries.

You should be able to drag the hi-res pictures out of the document and enhance them/adjust contrast, zoom in etc.

It's the only way I can get 6 megabyte images into a posting. :)



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