Sprinter engine services i n Ocala, FL (central Florida)


TREP as RX-7 Tow vehicle
A shout out for Williams Diesel Service in Ocala, FL. This Bosch Certified (Common Rail systems, Injectors, Pumps) independent shop Is well equipped with factory diagnostics, cleaning equipment, clean room and FOUR test benches (including the most recent Bosch bench) as well as R&I and component rebuild technicians. Michael, Shop Manager and Bosch FI system engineer, leads the effort in diagnostics, analysis and general shop administration. Rick is VP-Operations and is busier than a one handed paper hanger yet manages seemingly every detail from customer names and equipment and current service work underway to a conversation held 2 weeks ago.

How do I know this? I was there for 2 days when my ‘New-to-Me’ T1N stranded me with repeated engine stalls at 70 mph on I-75. And I searched for repair alternatives Throughout the state. And even back in TX. And I sat in the parts counter area/customer lounge the full two days.

I’m a retired auto service engineer who worked in Caterpillar Parts and Service for over 25 years and have seen shops around the world; these folks are where you want your MB diesel serviced.

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