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I'm starting a new gig next week working remote from Longmont, CO. Our headquarters are in the Salt Lake City (SLC) area; South Jordan to be exact.

When I need/want to, my intent is to make a trip out of it when I visit the office. Number of ways to get there, but i'll likely take I-80 initially.

I'm looking into BLM maps, etc, but can anyone recommend an area EAST of SLC to boondock? Why yes, near MTB and Moto trails would be rad.



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I never really camp at SLC, but I drove via multiple times and remember the rest areas are very nice.
Bare in mind that going East from SLC you are going into high elevations, when camping this time of the year can be questionable.
This is the stretch of I80, when I was taking pictures of my cars making 99 mpg for 10 miles, while going 80 mph (on neutral).
On my drives to California, I liked to stop at Wendover. This is where all people going for lake speedway and they have antique cars shows as well.
Having CDL, I could get free hotel from time to time, or at least free showers and coffee at truck stop.
I think you can boondock at the speedway, but never tried it.
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You might try searching here;

P.S. We always camp in the family's driveway when visiting the area--and the comment about the weather is true as it was snowing and 23 degrees the first week of June this year!


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Clover Springs is a BLM campground near SLC. Not dispersed and there is a nominal charge.
Given the season and the covid situation in Utah I'd verify any location by phone first. Many places are likely closed.
Good luck.

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