Kwikee power step?

chris caris

New member
My 2006 Vista Cruiser has all the wires and bracket for a power step which is missing. I measured the holes in the bracket which narrows it down to 2 series Kwikee step (#26 and #39 based on 7.5" x 20.5" mounting holes. Can someone look at theirs and see if there is an identifying mark? the width of these series is 23.5" and 23.75". The rise on one (I assume from the bracket) is 5" on one and 7" on the other. From looking at the diagrams, the one with a 5" rise has a 6.88" depth under the bracket when retracted. Oddly, the one with the 7" rise shrinks down to 4.25" when retracted which seems better to me since I'm pretty sure my dad rubbed it off the belly of the Rv at some point........

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