2020 Unity CB RR Storage Dimensions


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Hi All,

Considering an LTV purchase! However, I need a secure spot to store my MTB. The Wonder RTB is a no-brainer but the seating capacity of 2 is a deal-breaker unfortunately.

So... I'm wondering if anyone with a 2020 Unity CB (or RL) might be willing to measure their Right Rear storage compartment? From the video, it looks fairly big. I'm curious if I might be able to fit my bike with one wheel off (or worse case, two wheels off).

I'll pledge to pay-it-forward on the forum if any good samaritan is willing to break out the tape measure =). I did look at the manual and dug around on the internet a bit but, no love.

Many Thanks,



2018 Unity CB
My notes from my 2018 Unity CB about the right rear storage bay
Huge storage – 48” x 32” x 21”D

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