hilld's slow roll build


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Not all the circuits are used, actually none are hooked up right now, but I plan on using 6. I prefer having control vs. daisy chaining a bunch of outlets. The danger of having been an electrician in a previous (Army) life.
  1. Microwave - can turn off the stupid clock light this way without unplugging it
  2. Hot Water Heater (off by default)
  3. Outside Outlet (off by default)
  4. Cooktop (induction)
  5. Outlets on Drivers Side
  6. Outlets on Passenger Side


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Actually not doing USB ports, except for the dedicated iPad that will monitor / control the Victron and Dometic stuff. With USB standards always changing, I am going to do 12V outlets and use USB dongles instead. I have a few devices that are USB3 and high power ~60W, those work great for that, such as charging my MacBook. I have purchased, tested several different ones and settled on this Philips USB adapter. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GC5CMC4/. For generic USB2, there are lots of adapters out there that do the job.


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Yes, I realize that the UBS's are changing. I decided on Type A, thinking this was sort of the standard, and then doing the very small 1-inch adapters off of my type A's.


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The problem with those standard ones, most of them (not all) are limited to 2.1A, so at 12V, you are looking at around 25W max, like I said, I have some devices that like higher draws, so you can't get 60W out of a 25W USB plug. I don't want to have to replace USB receptacles in a year or two, so that is my approach.


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I second the '12v not USB' approach.

We can power so many things off 12 volt plugs fridge, fan, lights), and plugging in a little USB adapter is easy. Plus the USB adapters can have other things like volt meters, multiple USB ports, etc. But also, 12 volt sockets have zero parasitic drain and I've killed batteries leaving USB dongles plugged in.


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Hmm, I think a previous post disappeared, but hopefully I am not dreaming things.Finally finished the table and got some 120V outlets installed and wired. Just in time for my brother to try it all out.

So I cut the table tops out of some 3/4" Baltic Birch and finished them with some Spar Urethane.






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My of my original design goals for the table was to have lots of room for your knees when getting in and out, have flexible length and be able to store the parts when not in use. I think it mostly worked out. Could have some nicer welds, but not too bad for a first design.




Table extension stored in its designated spot




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Hmm, I think a previous post disappeared, but hopefully I am not dreaming things.
Yes, there was a power outage late last week which caused some posts to get lost.


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It has been a while since I have checked in. Have been making lots of progress on my van. Working on the plumbing system and I don't want to run out of hot water. Wondering where this will fit. :cool:

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Oh, Wow! Looks like it is in your bed area? and if it is like all water heaters I have worked with, you don't turn them over on their side! Glad you are back, wondering about you? and how things were going? That's really for your house isn't it?

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