Silencer / Resonator Seals 2008 NCV3


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I have to replace #4 glow plug and in doing so I have to remove the silencer/plumbing.

My 08 NCV3 has 55k miles on it. The question I have is should I replace all the seals and black silencer seal or just replace the existing seals?

Also wondering what the part numbers are of all the seals involved. Is there a kit that contains the seals?

If I buy the O rings at a supply house what material should be called for?



Important to ensure inside profile of clean air tube matches new seal profile. I think the clean air tube has been revised.



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Local MB dealership wanted ~$85 for all three seals, before and after resonator and turbo outlet to pipe o ring/seal.

Europarts-sd ~$61 total for all three shipped.

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