Video...heading to the Historic Shirk Ranch


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Fantastic! Inspiring images and music. Congratulations and thanks!

Is there any way with the newer drones to to get those travelling shots single-handed? Will a drone reliably auto-track the vehicle?

You're right about manual operation offering greater control, but that requires two people for travelling shots like yours. The closing shot is beautifully framed - an auto track drone would probably center the van in the shot. :cry:
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I said 2 grands as this is what my friend spend on his and the drone come with program that will fly out on you, than hoover over the place taking pictures of the neighborhood, only to combine it all into a clip that puts you on top of the World. Video can be reversed as coming, or going.
All friend did was push the button.
The video clip is not allowed to attach here, but makes impression.
Call it a gadget, but a nice one.
I have cheap drone, but with the winds we are having, just keep it in the same spot is huge challenge.


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I’ve got my eye on the DJI Mavic Air 2 for about $800. I will be applying for the FAA 104 license since I make some money on YouTube - (though not in the vanlife RV niche).
I believe this drone will follow or circle just about any subject with minimal control and does 4k which is a must even though I usually crop and output at 1080p.
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Wow, amazing video Hodaka! In June my son and I cycled part of the Oregon Timber Trail riding north from the California border. Close to the peak of Crane Mountain we stood for a while and looked eastward, gazing at dirt roads winding across the basin & range, and I thought to myself "I have got to explore that country." Your abandoned ranch is hiding out there somewhere...

Crane Mountain.jpg

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