Traveling in my Agile SS in Colder Weather freezing problems,,


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Currently on the East Coast making my way back to the West. Want to take a Northerly route but weather forecast show temperature down the teens. I realize all my plumbing and stuff are pretty exposed underneath and not insulated well. I'm aware you have to winterize it for storage but what is needed to travel to/thru such areas? Thanks


2015 RT SS Agile (3.0L)
I've chanced it down to 29-30 degrees, but the teens? No. I'd go ahead and winterize first. Burst pipes due to freezing can get real expensive real fast. Not worth it.
I've ran mine in the 20's these past two months. Not recommend anyone doing this but did noticed that the pump stopped functioning when temp reaches below mid 20's. Once near low 30's it start functioning again. I am now back in warmer whether and looking to insulate all exposed water lines and also insulate the tanks so I can operate my van in mid-20's temps without winterizing.
Oh, to safeguard pipes from expanding, I release pressure from the lines just before I go to bed each night.
Also, don't forget to close the vents (put it in recirculate mode) when shutting down the engine. I noticed that lots of cold air comes in through the cabin if left in vent mode.

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