2008 Dodge Sprinter 3500 Very hard to shift out of park, problem with shifter?


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Hi, I have an 08 sprinter with 70k miles and it won't shift out of park without some force and wiggle.

Is this the brake sensor related? I also see that maybe the whole shifter may need replaced.

If it does need replaced can I buy a shifter off a 2016 or 2018 from ebay? Or do I have to buy the 07 to 2012 years cause that's when they had the same number of gears?



2008 NCV3 170ext
If this happened to me, the first thing I'd check is where the shifter cable attaches to the transmission under the van. IIRC the cable is attached with a clip and something resembling a zip tie. Perhaps it has worked loose and is about to fail completely? The last time I was there I added a zip tie of my own as a backup
It's kind of a wonky setup with the cable at the tranny...
Changed the starter on my 08 3500 2yrs ago. I was enjoying the scenery under there and happened to look up. The attachment point on the cable was hanging on by basically a prayer. Another zip tie was an easy fix, but what if I hadn't been in the neighborhood?

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