need to replace 3 AGM on REVEL 2019


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i would like to know what is the proper procedure to unplug & remove my 3 AGM & replace them with new ones.
step 1 - disconnect what 1st ?
i will do the lithium upgrade in 2 years when a little more affortable


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I don't think there is a particular order. I would disconnect the coach power at the slider door. Then remove the wiring from each battery negative then positive. Since the batteries are wires in parallel the lines are hot until the point when the last battery is disconnected. From there you can pull out the batteries one by one. Hope that helps? Are you replacing them with the same NAPA models?


I have not replaced my AGMs yet. But I believe you will also have to either cover your solar panels or better yet unplug them if your working in sunlight.


2014 Winnebago View 24G
Battery connections to a solar controller should always be present when panels are connected. The panels should be connected last and disconnected first.

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