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Here's what I recommend to (new) users of this forum...

1. Make sure you do not provide any private information. I do NOT want your private data. I do NOT care for your private data. The more you obfuscate your personal data the better (for me).
2. Search engine spiders are not allowed to scrape the DZ (it's been like this since inception). It keeps the discussion somewhat private. Of course we can't do anything when it slides out into the public forums.

Let me know if there is any private information that you would like to remove/change, but I will not delete a post(s).
Thank you for your reply.

Aqua Puttana

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This thread was deleted by the creating member, not by moderation.
Reason: No longer interested in participating in the forum.

The thread included some thoughtful discussion and input from many members. Their efforts and opinions don't deserve to be deleted/censored off hand.

I have restored the thread so those efforts are not tossed aside.

The thread is now Closed aka Locked.

:cheers: vic
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