Looking for passenger seat or ideas

So we will be back in the lower 48 for six months or so and I’m looking for a passenger seat for our 158 ‘05 dodge shc. Ours is bent somehow and it’s tweaking our backs on these long drives. Alternatively has anyone tried to rebend bent seat frames? Winter ALCAN goodness in photo


Patrick of M

2005 T1N 2500 (NA spec)
Are you sure it is bent? There are a number of bolts at the hinge mechanism that can unscrew themselves, making this seat back twist. it's difficult to get them back in because of the tension of the springs etc but it can be done and hopefully you haven't ridden around too long and the threads are still intact, otherwise of course you'll need to change bolts or retap thread holes.


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There are a number of members who are selling parts from their fleet of junk parts vans.


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