What and how to perform own maintenance on Sprinter Van (newbie owner)


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So I bought a new sprinter van (414cdi 2019 model) for my business in Jan and want to take good care of it to see it go onto 1,000,000 kms.
It is a big purchase and I want to make the most out of it by doing everything I can to look after it.

I know how to change oil, some, other basics like change own brake pads, top up washer fluid, coolant etc..
I plan to change the oil every 10,000kms, and know the air filter should be changed every so often.

I thought perhaps there might be some people is similar situations here that do their own maintenance etc..
and no so really good tuts to help me do it all. I want to know what I have to do, and how to do it, plus any other
info that will help please.

I do intend to take it to my mechanic at least 3 times a year just to have it inspected.. It will be doing about 1500kms a week / 70,000 kms a year.

Does anyone know of any good guides, instructional know how's to educate me to do all the necessary jobs myself
and potentially teach me about the van so I can do as much as possible? I have found some helpful youtube videos
but nothing as comprehensive as I hoped for so far.

Many thanks lootoo.

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