1st limp home @ 4k miles


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my van has hick-ups that only happen when letting off the fuel pedal, has happened since new. they almost always occur when slowing down or coming to a stop.

after one such occurrence last week it seemed to have jumped into limp home mode. The check engine light didn't light until after the next key cycle (tuned off IGN).

I tried pulling off the road twice to restart but it didn't help. A third time, turned it off for 10 mins while getting lunch, started it up and still in LHM.

Ten mins later got to the next stop and I pulled the electrical connection under the dash (by the fuel pedal). when I came back out 20mins later, the engine ran normally and the CEL was extinguished.

are others experience these hick-ups?

Any clue what's going on? I have an Autel MD808 that was used on my NCV3 with great success but haven't had good results from the VS30.

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