Rear Crew OEM Upper Wall Panels


2020 VS30 4x4
Anyone know the part number, if there even is one for the upper rear interior panels in black on a crew model? Been searching with no luck. Thanks.83BD598A-87A0-469E-8CB9-C624A41BEAB1.jpeg

Eric B

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In black? Ie to match the lower ones that are pictured here? No such thing as far as I know. Only black upper panels I know of would be the ones from passenger vans that have windows but those are obviously going to be thicker than the thin cargo ones.


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Hi, there is an 'interior trim upgrade package' for crew vans which includes 'hardboard' panels.
I couldn't find the package in the BEG, but the panels are listed as VA3:


Also see V4A paneling for sliding door and VA5 for rear doors.


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I have the VA3 panels in my van now which I plan to remove. I can take measurements (or sell them) if someone needs. I agree that they aren't quite refined enough for a finished build.


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The panels I have, which look like the ones in the VA3 photo above, are grey and from the cargo van. I could try to pull a part number for you but it sounds like it isn't what you're looking for.


Try Mercedes Upfitters. They remove alotta that stuff.

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